Tantra transformative touch for men

Are you looking for a deeply sensual, stimulating and blissful full body massage? Do you want to explore your body's potential and capacity for sensation and pleasure? 

Touch and pleasure are as essential as food and water when it comes to our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. When delivered and received with conscious, authentic intention, touch can be a powerful tool to connect us with our most natural, sensual and happy selves.


Sensual tantra massage is relaxing, stimulating, erotic, healing, exhilarating, liberating and leave the receiver with a great sense of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being whilst experiencing a sensual arousal and high levels of sexual pleasure.

 It is a slow, tingling, gentle experience.

It’s about surrendering to receive in a way that frees you from performance, from pressure and rush.

It’s about being touched with tenderness  It’s about allowing oneself to relax, to soften into sensation, into feeling.


It’s about your Lingam (penis)  being seen, being touched, being held without having to get hard, without having to do anything.

Just surrendering to my loving touch & letting yourself experience this whole-body orgasmic flow.



“Shuddering waves of pure bliss. Tactile and palatable. Like I could ride that wave forever.”

“It was a full body experience, like my whole body was tingling especially around my lips and hands. Lasted 5 whole minutes. I felt very energized.”

“It feels like I was floating with this never ending sense of ecstasy.”

“Electric tingling sensations starting in the core and erupting down into the toes and into the top of my head. Leaving the head feeling like a pressure has been released and then relaxed all over the body.”

“Amazing…energy waves rippled up through my body.”

We are here to play…and in the routine of daily life, that's easy to forget. Do you rush through life from one thing to the next, sensing that you can have a deeper experience of yourself but not knowing quite how to access it?


Get to experience this sensuous delight of a higher order like others are... 

... through my soulful approach, empathy & 10 years of experience working with clients
 all over the world - men, women & couples.


It allows to give & recieve in a different way. 

 I am looking forward to meeting you!
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