So many of us carry deep seated shame around our bodies... it is often so deeply ingrained that it is not until we begin to peel back the layers that this shame becomes stirred and allows itself to surface. By identifying your shame, by loving your shame, you can include it and acknowledge it and release it from the prison in which you have contained it, setting free another shadow emotion that limits and separates. 

Love your shame today.

Woman's Shame

Shame of liking sex too much
Shame of not liking it enough

Shame of having too many children
Having none, or too many abortions

Shame of bleeding
Shame of not bleeding anymore

Shame of a mother who works a job
Shame of one who stays home

Shame of being a married possession
Shame of being an ugly duckling

Shame of being full-breasted
Shame of being flat-chested

Shame of being too submissive
Shame of being too aggressive

Madonna or Whore
is a too tight shoe to wear

And shame is a blame game
that I'm not playing

~ Colleen Redman


Discover the magic of tantra massage, which will awaken and deepen your sensuality and perception. Loving touch will fill your body with pleasure, curiosity, playfulness, discovery and tenderness. In this massage you will receive an exceptional care beyond time or boundaries of just the physical. Tantra massage is given with a great respect, appreciation and love towards a human body whereby your mind & heart is awaken and saturated. It is essentially conscious, loving, healing session while awakening and remembering your pure essence and erotic innocence. 


 Be surprised with light tingling carresses, feathers and so much more. As I relax your whole body and open up the energy centers you will feel nourished, every cell saturated and maybe we explore deeper parts of your sensuality that didn't have space to open.


Often times our body is neglected, deprived of touching, in the pursuit of sexual experiences. Sex tends to be a quick release and we get the touch & attention only in the areas of breasts & genitals. But our body was designed to feel blissful all around, through all our skin and parts. We cannot leave it in the hands of unskilled men anymore, let's take our responsibility and care for our Body - not from erotic arousal necessarily but from surrendering to the naturalness of your body. It is about feeling, sensing, breathing and seeing it express itself, how it responds to the conscious attention & tender touch.  

Intimate massage* may be included but I suggest this for our NEXT session, when you will feel more relaxed and ready.



You deserve for your physical body to be a vehicle for pleasure, support & grace, not a vehicle for abuse, pain & suffering.

You deserve to be celebrated for who you are. You deserve to experience inner peace and hights of sensual aliveness, joy & love. 

You are allowed to get to know your body & feel home. 





You deserve to thrive & recieve.

 Choose to empower yourself in all - you get to own, know & enjoy your body that holds infinite wisdom, like an ocean of fluidity and wholeness.


*Ancient  Art of Yoni (Pussy)  Healing.  In Tantra, it's called “Yoni” which is Sanskrit for “sacred temple.”   A woman’s Yoni  is a portal to life. It's where all life originated. Our Yoni Is God Self expression,  Where God Is. The magic, power, and sacredness that is within the Queen Divine feminine. It's the most feminine, receptive & sensitive.

Are you ready for a powerful new relationship with yourself, others and the Divine? Are you craving to explore new realms of Intimacy, Pleasure, Sensuality, Authentic Expression and Bliss?  

Let's release *your beautiful self* through conscious touch, surrender in a Safe, Intimate, Loving, Relaxed Space & Pace!


My body is an expression of my creative, caring, playful, exctatic, loving and intelligent Spirit's Energy.

 It is my friend, a cup for my intuitive power & love radiance.