Blissful Body - powerful experience for your energy


The intention of my tantra massage is greater body-energy awareness & self-acceptance, deep relaxation & an experience of timeless bliss.

We utilize primal sexual energy, the vital essence of all life forms that is in nature empowering, creative & healing to create magic fuel, opening your whole body-energy to experience new hights/depths of feeling & orgasmic potential!




"I just wanted to say again how amazing, how beautiful I found our session on Wednesday. It was the best tantric massage I have ever had, from the very first touch of your hands. I had a feeling beforehand that our meeting might be something quite special; I could only have dreamed how much so....(continue)


"I closed my eyes and You brought me  to places i never knew existed, you gave me peace of mind, I felt like a was traveling in space with you. I saw pictures and colors in my mind..Your hands are good as gold, soft as silk.


"Your body is beautiful, intelligent, magical - it's time to honor it"


When we are feeling very stressed our valuable life-force energy is wasted on thoughts and emotions that steal our vitality and give us nothing in return. When we breathe correctly and relax we free lost energy which returns to us to nourish our body, mind & soul. This massage is an exquisite spiritual journey providing physical and mental relaxation that opens up new dimension of experiencing your true Self.